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27 July 2023

MIcompany, the leading European service provider in data & AI has appointed Roger Siddle as Chairman of the Board.  Roger’s appointment will help support MIcompany to further grow and transform to become the preeminent go-to partner for large enterprises and corporates aiming to double down on their data & AI opportunities and build their own in-house capabilities.

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12 April 2023

Inventory management is a crucial component of the supply chain, but many businesses struggle with finding the balance between having too much inventory and not enough. While machine learning solutions have made progress in demand modeling, high inventory costs still present a major issue for supply chain managers, especially in complex warehouses with slow-moving inventory and highly sporadic demand.

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01 February 2023

MIcompany is delighted to announce it has received minority investment from growth capital specialists, MML Capital Partners (“MML”). MIcompany was founded by Marnix Bügel in 2006 and has grown strongly to become the leading artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”) service provider in the Netherlands.

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