AI Leadership Program for Women

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A leadership program for ambitious female leaders who want to build and solidify their AI knowledge and leadership skills to add value to the business.

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The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our lives and within organizations is getting bigger and bigger. As an organization or a female leader of the future you can choose to ignore this trend, or you can embrace it and use it to your advantage. Over the past four years MIcompany has invested in strengthening her female employee group through a distinct AI leadership program. This internal program has met and exceeded expectations, resulting in a growth acceleration of the female leaders within MIcompany.

Last year we opened up this success formula to other organizations as we launched our new certified AI Leadership Program for Women, a collaboration between MIcompany and The Inclusion Factory. Our conviction that using AI to accelerate female leadership is an unbeatable combination was once more affirmed.

Enable women to rise to leadership roles using AI as a natural lever


The AI Leadership Program for Women offers a win-win proposition for organizations and female professionals:

  • The program strengthens women with substantive and strategic data and AI knowledge as a foundation for their leadership
  • The program empowers participants to live up to their full potential by creating awareness of gender differences, the rules of the game, and how to leverage their natural strengths with confidence and resilience
  • The program creates a positive impact on the business by empowering women to use their (female) qualities constructively and effectively to create impact using AI and data
  • The program addresses the unique challenges women encounter when working in a male dominated corporate working environment and creates an environment in which thoughts and experiences can be shared and learned from

The target population of the program


Ambitious female professionals who are driven to grow into a leadership role and have an interest to learn about AI and start applying it in their work. The program is created for talented women, with or without AI background, who fit one of the following profiles:

  • 5-10 years working experience, and the potential to become managers who aspire to strengthen both their AI and female leadership skills
  • 5-10 years working experience and just started leading a data or analytics team, and who want to strengthen both their AI and female leadership skills

“She stepped outside her boundaries and made sensitive topics more approachable. This visibly improved the collaboration within the team and thereby the end result of the project.”


Manager of a participant of the AI Leadership Program for Women

Figure 1. Set-up of the AI leadership program for women

More information
The AI Leadership Program for Women is a certified program

The program consists of 6 certified badges. Each badge covers AI leadership topics in combination with related female leadership subjects such as: gender differences, biases, unwritten rules, empathy and resilience. Participants learn how they can utilize their feminine strengths in order to succeed as a leader, and how they can use AI to make an impact. They will practice with real-life situations that women typically encounter at work.


Block 1: 24-25 November 2020

Block 2: 27-28 January 2020

Block 3: 8-9 March 2021*

Block 4: 19-20 April 2021*

Block 5: 21 June 2021*

The AI Leadership Program for Women starts in November 2020 in Amsterdam. If you want to be a part of the program or if you want to make this program available for a selected group of female professionals in your organization contact one of us (see below) for more information or register via

*Preliminary, in consultation with participants.


The program consists of nine training days and six certified exams, homework assignments and coaching. The total cost of the full program is €10,120 excl. VAT. Package prices are available when enrolling two or more participants from the same organization.

If you have a question about the program, get in touch with our trainers
Dorthe van Waarden
Principal at MIcompany
Tamara Kloek
Program Manager at MIcompany
Naomi Sedney
Partner at The Inclusion Factory
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