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March 2020

4210-Model OperationalizationVirtual30-31 MarSave my Seat
3231-Imbalanced Data & Anomaly DetectionVirtual30-31 MarSave my Seat

April 2020

4222-Advanced Model Operationalization Virtual1-2 AprSave my Seat
4253-Processing Online DataVirtual6-7 AprSave my Seat
4280-Cloud ComputingVirtual22 AprSave my Seat
1201-Structured Opportunity IdentificationVirtual20 AprSave my Seat
3205-Data Exploration and Insights DiscoveryVirtual28 AprSave my Seat

May 2020

4210-Model OperationalizationVirtual6-7 MaySave my Seat
101-AI FoundationVirtual11-12 MaySave my Seat
2202-Data-Driven Communication Virtual18-19 MaySave my Seat
4222-Advanced Model Operationalization Virtual18-19 MaySave my Seat
3231-Imbalanced Data & Anomaly Detection Virtual26-27 MaySave my Seat

June 2020

3303-Model Performance Management Amsterdam/Virtual3 JunSave my Seat
101-AI FoundationAmsterdam/Virtual8-9 JunSave my Seat
4213-Automating Data PipelinesAmsterdam/Virtual8-9 JunSave my Seat
2301-Leading Stakeholders ProactivelyAmsterdam/Virtual10 JunSave my Seat
2206-Managing AI ProjectsAmsterdam/Virtual11 JunSave my Seat
2202-Data-Driven CommunicationAmsterdam/Virtual15-16 JunSave my Seat
4202-Data ManagementAmsterdam/Virtual17 JunSave my Seat
3221-Deep Learning EssentialsAmsterdam/Virtual22-23 JunSave my Seat
4102-Data & Tech FundamentalsAmsterdam/Virtual23 JunSave my Seat
3330-Advanced Model OptimizationAmsterdam/Virtual24-25 JunSave my Seat
4204-Data Models & ManipulationAmsterdam/Virtual24-25 JunSave my Seat
2202-Data-Driven CommunicationAmsterdam/Virtual26 Jun & 2 JulSave my Seat
1201-Structured Opportunity IdentificationAmsterdam/Virtual29 JunSave my Seat
3204-Explorative Analysis TechniquesAmsterdam/Virtual30 Jun & 1 JulSave my Seat
4213-Automating Data PipelinesAmsterdam/Virtual29-30 JunSave my Seat

July 2020

2301-Leading Stakeholders ProactivelyAmsterdam/Virtual1 JulSave my Seat
4205-Programming Meta-SkillsAmsterdam/Virtual3 JulSave my Seat
3201-Machine Learning ProcessAmsterdam/Virtual7-8 JulSave my Seat
3202-Classification using tree modelsAmsterdam/Virtual9-10 JulSave my Seat
1202-Use case Identification & DesignAmsterdam/Virtual13 JulSave my Seat
2203-First contact with your stakeholderAmsterdam/Virtual14 Jul & 27 JulSave my Seat
3203-Regression ModelsAmsterdam/Virtual15-16 JulSave my Seat
4280-Cloud computingAmsterdam/Virtual20 JulSave my Seat
4210-Model OperationalizationAmsterdam/Virtual21-22 JulSave my Seat
4215-Building a first AI applicationAmsterdam/Virtual23-24 JulSave my Seat

September 2020

1255-Online AnalyticsAmsterdam/Virtual7 SepSave my Seat
3212-Text AnalysisAmsterdam/Virtual8-9 SepSave my Seat
2205-Becoming an Effective AI ProfessionalAmsterdam/Virtual10 SepSave my Seat
101-AI FoundationAmsterdam/Virtual28-29 SepSave my Seat
1201-Structured Opportunity IdentificationAmsterdam/Virtual30 SepSave my Seat

October 2020

3205-Data Exploration and Insights DiscoveryAmsterdam/Virtual1 OctSave my Seat
2206-Managing AI ProjectsAmsterdam/Virtual12 OctSave my Seat
1257-Essential Business Applications: Finance AnalyticsAmsterdam/Virtual13 OctSave my Seat
3322-Time Series ForecastsAmsterdam/Virtual14-15 OctSave my Seat
101-AI FoundationAmsterdam/Virtual19-20 OctSave my Seat
2302-Use Case LeadershipAmsterdam/Virtual19 OctSave my Seat
3331-Advanced Handling of Many Feature SituationsAmsterdam/Virtual20-21 OctSave my Seat
3302-Ethics in ModelingAmsterdam/Virtual22 OctSave my Seat
4102-Data & Tech FundamentalsAmsterdam/Virtual27 OctSave my Seat
4204-Data Models & ManipulationAmsterdam/Virtual28-29 OctSave my Seat
2202-Data-Driven CommunicationAmsterdam/Virtual30 Oct & 5 NovSave my Seat

November 2020

1201-Structured Opportunity IdentificationAmsterdam/Virtual2 NovSave my Seat
2202-Data-Driven CommunicationAmsterdam/Virtual2-3 NovSave my Seat
3204-Explorative Analysis TechniquesAmsterdam/Virtual3-4 NovSave my Seat
4202-Data ManagementAmsterdam/Virtual4 NovSave my Seat
4205-Programming Meta-SkillsAmsterdam/Virtual9 NovSave my Seat
3201-Machine Learning ProcessAmsterdam/Virtual10-11 NovSave my Seat
3202-Classification using tree modelsAmsterdam/Virtual12-13 NovSave my Seat
1202-Use Case Identification & DesignAmsterdam/Virtual16 NovSave my Seat
2203-First Contact with Your StakeholderAmsterdam/Virtual17 & 30 NovSave my Seat
3203-Regression ModelsAmsterdam/Virtual18-19 NovSave my Seat
4280-Cloud ComputingAmsterdam/Virtual23 NovSave my Seat
4252-Data & Analytics ArchitectureAmsterdam/Virtual23-24 NovSave my Seat
4210-Model OperationalizationAmsterdam/Virtual24-25 NovSave my Seat
4181-Performance ManagementAmsterdam/Virtual25 NovSave my Seat
4215-Building a First AI ApplicationAmsterdam/Virtual26-27 NovSave my Seat

December 2020

3333-Causal InferenceAmsterdam/Virtual1-2 DecSave my Seat
101-AI FoundationAmsterdam/Virtual14-15 DecSave my Seat