Cancellation Policy

MIcompany will always work with you to find the most suitable dates for your in-house program. However, it can occur that due to unforeseen circumstances, a last-minute request for rescheduling is made. If this occurs, MIcompany is directly affected in two ways:

  1. We have incurred costs that cannot be recovered such as the following: technical costs to allocate the LMS environment (including licensing) for all participants, technical costs to build and test AWS workspaces for the participants (including licensing), operations support, and specific program management that will have to be repeated (for example the check and preparation of a current use case).
  2. We directly miss revenue due to the opportunity cost of turning down other trainings in order to secure your program (we are a fully booked bureau). And reorganizing trainers at the last minute is increasingly difficult when the training date is near.
    We, therefore, work with the following standard rescheduling policy when a program is rescheduled within 6 months of the original date.


Our Rescheduling Policy

  • > 4 weeks before its starting dateFree of charge (to ensure flexibility)
  • 4 weeks before program10% of fee
  • 3 weeks before the program25% of fee
  • <= 1 week before program50% of fee


Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes, unexpected setbacks can occur. Therefore, we will always work together to ensure we find suitable dates. In the exceptional case that a training program is canceled altogether, the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • 3 weeks before program25% of fee
  • 2 weeks before program50% of fee
  • <= 1 week before program100% of fee