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Get to know four of our leaders in AI and be inspired by their stories about working at MIcompany. If after these video’s your question is not answered yet, don’t hesitate to send an email to

Q&AI - with all colleagues

Let’s introduce the four leaders in AI:

  • Dorthe van Waarden is a principal at MIcompany and started working here about 6 years ago. She has a MSc Mathematics from the UvA. She gets energy from combining different sources of data (e.g. customer data, online, external) and models to solve difficult, challenging problems.
  • Arje Sanders is the partner at the Tel Aviv office and is working here since 2012. He graduated in Econometrics & OR at VU University.
  • Helen Rijkes is Program Manager at MIcompany with focus on discovery and transformation projects. Furthermore, she is responsible for the MIacademy and coordinator International Academy program. She has experience in sectors: Health, Insurance, Retail, Transport.
  • Merlijn van Breugel works for MIcompany as a Data Scientist since 2018 and before that he worked as a working student.
Q&AI with Arje
Q&AI with Dorthe
Q&AI with Merlijn
Q&AI with Helen