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With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate supported by advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest and fast-growing fields of this century. We implement the newest modeling techniques, create state-of-the-art technology solutions and unlock new data sources using advanced data capturing techniques. Find out what MIcompany has to offer and become a leader in AI!

Destination AI - Boarding now

MIcompany organizes a business course in the global tech capital Tel Aviv for ambitious students that want to experience how to build an end-to-end AI solution. Apply now for this business course, and maybe you will be one of the students boarding the plane!

  • Discover how Deep Learning models help retailers to optimize promotions.
  • Learn about the most advanced AI technologies in the AI hotspot Tel Aviv.
  • Get your foundation AI certification under GAIn®.
Come Join our amazing Team

Starting at MIcompany, you will join an extremely talented and ambitious team and be involved in innovative AI-related projects. You will work in an environment where you can develop yourself in multidisciplinary teams of ambitious beta talent, participate in our MIacademy training programs where you will learn about the newest AI techniques and how to implement them in practice and lots of international opportunities.

You can find an overview of our open vacancies by clicking the button below.


Our Vacancies FAQ

Growth path for women

We MIcompany women love puzzling with data and solving complicated analytics issues. Together with our team, we go for results and we’re able to get organisations in motion. We are proud of what we do, but we can’t do this alone! Therefore we are looking for more powerful quantitative women, who love to nerd just like us. Do you want to grow at MIcompany through training, coaching and great assignments? Respond to our vacancies!

Events calendar

Do you want to get to know MIcompany even better and speak to us in person? Attend one of the Friday drinks we organize ourself or one of the events on which we will be present. In this events calendar your will find all information about the upcoming events and a register form for one of our own Friday drinks.


“Hi, I’m Rutger and started at MIcompany in 2017. I immediately got the chance to work on a variety of cutting edge AI solutions for our clients, this gave me direct access to the latest insights, expertise, and techniques. It helped me grow my AI skills from day one.

At MIcompany you learn to expose AI models through client-specific APIs and engineer mission-critical applications that transform clients such as Nike,, and LeasePlan. We do this using various (cloud) technologies.
While working at the forefront of the AI revolution, You get taught by the best professionals. Which boosts your knowledge and international AI network.

I didn’t have a typical data study background. But driven by my curiosity I learned how to engineer AI solutions. And I loved it! So what about you? Would you like to explore this fast-growing field of possibilities? And create real impact?”

Start your career as a Data Scientist

“Hi, I’m Dorthe. In 2012, I joined MIcompany. Why? Because MIcompany offered me the complete package: from analytical techniques and advanced algorithms to presentation and communication skills.

What’s more, you learn to apply that knowledge in practice, working in top teams and assisted by top coaches. That means you can achieve maximum impact immediately. It’s the real Data & AI deal.

Working in this way allows you to build a strong base and to develop soft skills to help you sharpen your vision and convince others. It still gives me a great feeling when, after an accurate hypothesis, coding and modelling process, everything comes together in an advanced model. A model that is understood and delivers results.

Nowadays, I mainly focus on Advanced Analytics, creating and improving algorithms for business applications. What’s exciting about MIcompany is that it allows you to go in any direction. That means you can keep on growing and expand your international AI network.”

So what are your plans? Do you want to grow as a person? As an expert? And really make the difference? To our clients and to your own future?”