Structured Opportunity Identification ★★ Practitioner Level
Embark on our Structured Opportunity Identification course to focus your solution directions and walk out with a different mindset. This one-day training takes your ideas from abstract thoughts to a structured approach to achieve success with the use of opportunity trees, problem-solving, and sizing.
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1 days
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Structured Opportunity Identification

About the course

Learn to master tackling business challenges and identifying opportunities in a structured way. This immersive one-day course takes you through the process of structured opportunity identification. You will learn to define and split a business question into its most important drivers, understand how to translate these drivers into specific opportunities, and how to prioritize these through qualitative and quantitative sizing. These newly learned tools, skills, and mindset will help to create value, start transformations, and turn the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world into opportunities.  

Why this is for you

Are you getting the most impact from your effort? Integrating structured opportunity identification and sizing into the analytical process is the key to success, but rarely done. This training ensures you are working on the right thing by giving you a grip on complex and vague problems with a structured approach.  

For whom

This training is perfect for all AI practitioners including Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts. As well as Business Practitioners, including Business Owners and Analytics Translators. This badge is for anyone who has experienced the difficulties of facing broad or vague business questions and is looking for concrete methods to solve complex problems.  

What you’ll learn

This course will follow three steps: breaking down the question, building the opportunity tree, and structured opportunity sizing to learn the following skills:
  1. A structured approach to opportunity identification
  2. How to build an opportunity tree for business questions
  3. A deductive and inductive approach to problem-solving
  4. Quantitative and qualitative sizing
Learning Goals
  • Breaking down the business question – Being able to sharply define and understand the business questions you are solving
  • Building the opportunity tree – Understanding how to identify opportunities by developing your own structured opportunity driver tree
  • Structured opportunity sizing – Prioritize opportunities through qualitative and quantitative sizing
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