Use Case Leadership ★★★ Expert Level
This one-day Use Case Leadership badge brings together a myriad of skills from technical to processing and management to build you into an invaluable AI professional who can not only execute but guide an effective use case for your business.
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Use Case Leadership

About the course

Creating valuable change from AI in your business is not only about building and interpreting technology and models, it is also important to know how to lead teams and problem-solve to ensure your work is of a high-quality and robust. Use Case Leadership is designed to build on previous technical skills, focusing and enhancing them with leadership qualities. This course will begin by introducing the elements of use case leadership, including the identification of the required skill set, experience, and goals. You will next learn and apply the standardized 5-step approach to use case execution including its deliverables and common challenges. Then shape the core of the use case solution and create focus. Finally, you will top off these skills by ensuring adoption and high-quality output by building your team. You will manage stakeholders as well as connect and challenge individuals to ensure sustainable AI use case implementation.  

Why this is for you

You have the skills to translate business objectives and build an end-2-end design, but maybe you need further development to lead a team on this project or manage challenges? Leading a use case is a daunting task as it requires content, process and change management skills. This badge brings you the structure, frameworks, and experience to identify and prevent common use case pitfalls. The key elements of content, process and change management leadership skills are offered and practiced in real-life settings. Once completed, this training will enable you to effectively guide and steer the execution of your use case, focusing on its results and business adoption.  

For whom

This badge is for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Business Professionals who have completed our Structured Opportunity Identification (1201) and Use Case Identification and Design (1202) badges.  

What you’ll learn

  1. To identify the skillset for use case leadership
  2. The 5-phase use case executing process and its pitfalls
  3. How to iteratively develop the use case solution
  4. How to use change management techniques for fruitful adoption
Learning Goals
  • The elements of use case leadership – Gain a perspective on the required skill and personal development areas
  • Drive the execution – Learn the standardized 5-step approach including deliverables and common pitfalls
  • Shape the context – Provide 1 – 100 hour use case solutions in an iterative fashion
  • Act on the change – Lead multidisciplinary teams to high-quality output and ensure adoption
Theory and practical use All trainings in the GAIn portfolio combine high-quality standardized training material with theory sessions from experts and hands-on experience where you directly apply the material to real-life cases. Each training is developed by top of the field practitioners which means they are full of industry examples along with practical challenges and know-how, fueling the interactive discussions during training. We believe this multi-level approach creates the ideal learning environment for participants to thrive.