Events calendar

MIcompany is often present at big events, but we organize our own events at the office as well. Below you will find an events calendar. Are you interested in a job as a working student or data scientist, at these events you will have plenty opportunities to get to know us better.

January 2020

  • Friday 24: Meet MIcompany New Year Celebration at the MIcompany office

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February 2020


March 2020

  • Tuesday 3: Inhouseday Econometrics Consultancy Tour
  • Tuesday 3: Inhouseday FAECTOR (Business Trip)
  • Wednesday 4: Workshop VSV
  • Friday 6: Meet MIcompany drinks

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  • Monday 16: Inhouseday Christiaan Huygens (Business Tour)
  • Tuesday 17: UniPartners Career event

April 2020


May 2020

  • Friday 1: Meet MIcompany drinks

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  • Monday 4: Inhouseday VSAE (The Experience)
  • Thursday 7: Inhouseday Kraket


June 2020

  • Friday 26: Meet MIcompany drinks

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Why work at MIcompany?
Merlijn van Breugel (Data Scientist):

“When I was younger, the term nerd was kind of an insult. Today, I think being a nerd is pretty cool. It means you know a lot about a particular field.
At MIcompany, we embrace it. We want to know all about Data Science and we use this knowledge to transform companies.
In my own work as a Data Scientist, I work primarily on our Doing Good with Data initiative. There we do fundamental medical research on children’s lung diseases like Asthma, by applying Machine Learning on DNA data.
Indeed, this is a totally different ball game than our regular projects, but we like a challenge. And above all, it is very rewarding to contribute to such a relevant and benign topic.”

Wendelien (Data Scientist):

“As a data scientist at MIcompany I get to combine my passion for the nerdier things in life with a fast track to personal development. Whether it is by teaching at MIacademy, deep-diving in the latest tech developments or learning to sail in Greece, my curiosity is constantly being fed. Most importantly though, are my amazing colleagues who are always up for a beer and who constantly inspire me to develop myself not only as a data scientist, but also as a leader.”

Floris (Project Leader):
“Working at MIcompany means helping large companies within and outside of The Netherlands with data and analytics. I personally specialise in the technology required to bring our modelling solutions to real impact, from building analytical applications to integrating models in client IT infrastructure. This makes for a perfect match between my background in computer science and our work in the rapidly changing field of data analytics. Furthermore, I really enjoy teaching in our internal MIacademy, trying to add a bit more technology to anyone’s knowledge!”
Meet MIcompany drinks
- New Years edition -

Are you (almost) done with your master’s degree and interested in joining a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) services company? Do you want to be part of a team that is creating sustainable business breakthroughs with AI? But are you not yet sure what to expect? Meet us at the upcoming Meet MIcompany drinks at our office! Get to know our Data Scientists, Data Engineers and AI Software Engineers, and find out if you are the talent who can strengthen our team.

The planned Meet MIcompany drinks are:

January 24 2020

March 6 2020

May 1 2020

June 26 2020


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