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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world at speed – challenging leaders and experts to take action and respond. However, we’re still in a transitional phase. Hence a thorough and shared foundation will act as a guide to leverage AI effectively and responsibly in this phase. Building this knowledge foundation is therefore a logical first step for any business or individual aiming to grow with AI. Are you ready to take control of AI and embark on a path of responsible AI growth?


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The AI Foundation at a glance


Language: English

Duration: 2 days

Next dates: 11-12 May, 8-9 June

Location: Amsterdam or GAIn® Virtual Classroom

Certification: Yes

Prerequisites: None

Why the AI Foundation Course?

The GAIn® AI Foundation course is a 2-day course designed to provide you with a complete perspective, by taking you through all relevant aspects of AI business transformation. From opportunity identification to solution implementation. From algorithm development to AI engineering. From driving impact to adapting the organization. The course helps you to steer your business responsibly, by managing new AI risks like biased or polluted data, undesired differentiation, and corrupt algorithmic learning approaches.

Our AI Foundation course is developed by AI experts with extensive experience in teaching and implementing AI at the heart of many global top 500 companies, such as eBay and Heineken. The course is packed with industry insights, examples and practical challenges you can learn from.  It provides you with the knowledge and tools to get started and grow with AI, as a manager, expert or business leader.


Our certified GAIn® trainers will guide and challenge you to identify and capture AI opportunities while managing the risks involved. We apply AI cases with real data and machine learning algorithms so you can experience what developing and operating AI models entails. You will learn to better understand the process and what questions to ask to challenge the outcome and quality. Although the fast development around AI can imply that there are no definitive answers to some questions, our course provides you with a knowledge foundation to learn and grow with the advancing AI technology. So you can steer AI towards value and purpose, for your own business and for society.

We have structured our AI Foundation course
based on 4 major learning blocks

Understand the significance of AI and how it compares to traditional statistical methods. Learn the universal terminology and language of AI. And translate these lessons into identifying opportunities in your own business, through leading case examples and exercises.


Learn the fundamental steps to develop and manage AI algorithms and the key questions to pose at each stage of the AI development cycle. Above all, acquire the tools to establish and challenge the quality and fairness of models.


Learn about the drivers of AI innovation in the technology landscape and how companies make AI operationalization possible. Become familiar with the AI engineering skills and technical developments, crucial for anyone working with AI.


Understand all the aspects required to lead and guide AI change in your business, including how to accelerate and scale AI solutions and build an organization with the right AI skills.

Who is this course for?

Our 2-day AI foundation training targets a broad population.  We have seen the need and impact across all layers of the organization. From Executives and Managers to Data and AI Specialists. Therefore, there are no prerequisites to join. And with more than a decade of experience in teaching AI, we know how to tailor the course to the unique needs of each group to derive the most value and impact for participants and organizations.

Following the Foundation course, participants can choose to continue their learning paths in three tracks: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business Professionals. Our goal is to facilitate a continuous learning experience in which you can follow a specific track or choose individual courses from the multiple skill domains to match your needs.

“With this training we gain a better connection and discussion with employees who work on data in their daily business”


Participant from an AI Foundation course for executives

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GAIn® offers the broadest and deepest AI training portfolio globally with more than 60 badges (training modules) and certifications, divided over four levels, ranging from Foundation to Master. Our extensive portfolio caters to multiple target groups with the goal of building integrated skillsets, with both hard and soft skills, covering everything from technology application to leadership and value creation. Our entire portfolio has been designed by top-of-the-field practitioners with over 14 years of experience.

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