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We now offer our GAIn® training courses also through a Virtual Training Method, so you can keep up with your AI learning from any location. This means our courses are made available globally, and all you need is a laptop with WIFI connection to join a class. We are continuously working to create the best possible remote learning experience for you and ensure that our Virtual Training Method offers the same level of quality as our onsite courses. If the COVID-19 outbreak causes you or your company’s employees to work remotely, a virtual training is the perfect opportunity to make effective use of everyone’s time.


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Introducing our virtual Training Method

We are excited to introduce to you our Virtual Training Method – through which our GAIn® training courses now can be joined from any corner of the world. We have carefully adapted our courses to a virtual environment, to ensure you can keep developing your AI skills remotely through a seamless online training experience. This means you still get the same high quality training as you would onsite: interaction with the group, practical experience through case studies, personal coaching and much more – only delivered to you virtually.

For the time being, all of our open courses will be available online, with options for both companies and individuals. If you wish to do a training for a group of people, please get in touch with us by email or by submitting the form below, and we will gladly provide you with a virtual training set up that matches the needs of your company. To sign up for an individual course, just fill in an online form for the course of your choosing through the open course calendar. All virtual courses will follow the same agenda and cover the same content as our offline courses.

“This is a perfect alternative given the current situation. In the future I also see us using this for groups with participants based in multiple locations”
Sandra Oudshoff, Senior Analytics Consultant, Heineken

How it works
1. Using the best

We deliver our Virtual Training Method in the best software that is accessible in your organization, to facilitate high quality interactive virtual trainings and a flexible work environment. Participants can access their online course through a link provided by us.

2 interaction
2. Interacting with trainers
and participants

We ensure to deliver a virtual training experience which matches one you would receive in a physical classroom. This means each participant receives the same level of attention and coaching as always before. In the virtual classroom discussions are held both with the whole group as well as in breakout sessions with smaller groups. One-to-one sessions between participant and trainer are also provided.

3 online assessments
3. Completing online

An important part of our training courses is practicing with real life data cases, which provide you with a practical understanding of the topic and how to apply the learnings in your own work. We always work with the data sets  through AWS WorkSpaces, and this does not change in the virtual set up. Only difference is that you meet with your subgroup in the Zoom breakout rooms. And just like in an onsite training, you can ask the trainer for advice at any time. Assignments can also be easily uploaded in our online training portal and evaluations are given throughout the course.

4 certification
4. Getting your

Last but certainly not least, at the end of each training course you can take an exam to obtain an official certification. As these exams always are done online, also during onsite training courses, the process stays exactly the same. And after passing your exam, your GAIn® certification will be sent to you per email. Through our partner Acclaim, you can also access digital badges for each course that you complete, to include in your CV or share on social media.

The GAIn® virtual training method offers a productive solution to build AI skills during covid-19 and beyond

Employees can develop AI skills – including examination and certification – to be prepared for the AI era. Teams can learn skills jointly to accelerate current programs with the opportunities AI has to offer while developing a group standard. Organizations can learn best practices on remote working to become more productive in the future.


Learn Faster and more efficiently: The virtual learning method of GAIn® is more effective and faster through a combination of individual assignments, virtual classrooms and – break-out rooms. By balancing self-paced individual learning and interactive group sessions in a classroom depending on the type of content and exercise, an optimal learning track is created.


The virtual way or working enables teams to stay connected & inspired in times of social distancing, increasing team commitment and productivity as a whole. Anyone can join from any time zone or location and the virtual classroom uses many light touches and fun didactic elements to ensure engagement.

A HYPER productive way to learn new skills

Want to try out our Virtual Training Method?

As more and more teams across the globe are are working from home, we want to make it easy for companies to get an introduction to virtual training and its benefits and to understand how it works in practice. Therefore, we now offer a free demo session of the virtual training method, so your company can try it out, get a feel for it and ask questions. If you or your organization want to develop your AI skills but cannot attend a physical training, our virtual training method is the perfect solution to ensure continued growth.

Request a free 1 hour virtual training method demo by submitting the form below, and experience the different learning forms in our classroom.

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GAIn® - the world standard for AI education

GAIn® (the Global Artificial Intelligence Network) is an internationally recognized initiative of MIcompany that develops a worldwide open standard for AI skill-building through a members network supporting the development of AI training and certification.

GAIn® offers the broadest and deepest AI training portfolio globally with more than 60 badges (training modules) and certifications, divided over four levels, ranging from Foundation to Master. Our extensive portfolio caters to multiple target groups with the goal of building integrated skillsets, with both hard and soft skills, covering everything from technology application to leadership and value creation. Our entire portfolio has been designed by top-of-the-field practitioners with over 14 years of experience.

GAIn® is trusted and supported by blue chip companies including eBay, Heineken, ABN AMRO, KPN, AEGON,, Ageas and Proximus.