Growth path for women

We, the women of MIcompany, love to puzzle with data and to solve complicated problems using AI. We realize results, and together with our team, we’re able to set organizations into motion. We are humble, and at the same time very proud of what we do. But we can’t do this alone. So, we are looking for more powerful quantitative women. Women who love to nerd, just like us. And who want to grow through training, coaching, and great projects. If that’s you, let us know who you are. We would love to embrace you as one of our statistic sisters.


At MIcompany, we believe that creating real impact with Data & AI will be one of the most important challenges in the executive board in the upcoming decade. And the representation and contribution of female ‘quant’ professionals can be a real game changer in this challenge. Why? Because women can make a huge difference in this typically male-dominated area by deploying some of their natural strengths. They have the ability to build relationships across the various disciplines necessary to make data innovation a success. And their high-quality decision-making tends to better consider potential risks and connects patterns and cross-links across different areas.
Hence, we cherish each and every female talent in the company. In order to thrive in a male dominated business arena, it’s crucial to understand the (unwritten) rules of the game. And know how to apply them effectively and full of confidence. So, since 2016, we’ve been running a special Female Leadership program. Centered around 2 objectives:

  1. To enable our women to create impact in organizations by using their qualities constructively and effectively.
  2. To create a positive ‘sisterhood’ with MIcompany women who support each other and show and appreciate their talents confidently, unapologetically, and courageously.

The program brings these objectives to realization focusing on topics such as gender intelligence, flexibility and resilience, voicing your ambition and building relationships. In the program, we work hard to discover our personal strengths and develop ourselves, are inspired by role-model guest speakers (and typically laugh a lot about our persistent habits). Besides the official training days, we have a women’s buddy system, organize a statistic sister evening each quarter to discuss progress on specific topics, and we spread the word by actively encouraging other women to embrace their nerdiness and become a Woman in AI.

And with great success. The number of women keeps growing. We hire and retain women much better, and, very importantly, our women rate the weeks in which we run the program as the most satisfying weeks at MIcompany. With extremely high appreciation with regard to learning, and building connections with the other women, as well as the impact the program has had on themselves and their career.

So. Would you like to become one of us? We would love to have you and add your unique personality and talent to our group. Don’t hesitate. Just go for it.


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