Knab’s exponential growth curve in Dutch exam

Last Tuesday, Dutch pre-university high school students made their Mathematics repeat exam (VWO, Wiskunde A). When we saw the first question, we had to look twice: a real MIcompany case. The assignment was about the realized exponential growth of customers through Data Analytics at the Dutch online bank Knab in 2014.

How the power of Data Analytics was harnessed at Knab and as a result the number of fee paying customers was multiplied by ten within one year is further explained in this video and this article.

Now, 4 years later, Knab has its own analytics team with more than 10 Data Scientists, all educated in the Data Analytics Talent Program of MIacademy. Knab’s number of customers further increased and Knab expanded its product portfolio with Mortgages and Insurance.  Knab continues to deliver excellent service to its growing customer base: early 2018 Knab won the Best Service Award within the banking sector for the third time in a row.

So, when someone tells you that you’ll never need your high school math: think again. When introducing Data Analytics, you just might encounter an exponential formula in real life.

Here you can find the Mathematics exam and its answers (in Dutch).