Lustrum Book: State of the Data

This ‘State of the Data’ lustrum book celebrates MIcompany’s 10-year anniversary. It is a gift from our clients and our people to you. It reflects the unique “state” most industries and companies are in with regard to creating impact with data. Companies that are excited and eager to work with Data Analytics, learning from their first successes and failures, and often pioneering to get impact at scale through stronger capabilities.

We feel privileged and thankful that our clients were willing to partner with us in the production of the ‘State of the Data’. It therefore gives you a unique perspective on how large companies are moving ahead and tackling their challenges in Data Analytics anno 2016. Of course, we feel proud to have been part of those journeys, both recently and over the past ten years. Enjoy your reading and building your perspective on the ‘State of the Data’ your company is in.