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MIcompany is the perfect place to start your career in data & AI!
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Work on exciting data & AI projects that create business impact at the core of the digital transformation of our international clients

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Implement state of the art technology to build (multi-cloud) data & AI platforms and algorithmic solutions

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Continuously develop yourself by combining your work on projects with our three-year GAIn program and personal coaching

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Find your specific passion within the field of data & AI and shape your career in one of our expertise areas

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Join our young and ambitious international team that challenges each other and celebrates successes together!

Three unique fields in Data & AI

The overwhelming quantity and complexity of data poses an exciting challenge for Data Scientists. The big question is how to create tangible business impact using this data.


Our Data Science team designs, builds and implements end-to-end AI solutions⁠—while focusing on the modeling part, using advanced machine learning techniques. They define growth opportunities at our clients, build relationships, and combine these skills to create impact at scale.


Find out what MIcompany has to offer—and become a leader in the field of Data Science!


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The exponentially growing amount of data and the ever-widening field of data technologies present exciting challenges to Data and AI engineers. Our Data & AI Technology team helps clients transform their businesses by building state-of-the-art technology solutions.


Through the technical implementation of AI use cases, building cloud infrastructure and creating robust data pipelines they ensure the successful deployment of our AI solutions.


Find out what MIcompany has to offer—and become a leader in the field of Data & AI Technology!

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Data & AI provide many opportunities to improve, scale and innovate business processes—but technical innovation alone is not enough when it comes to truly capturing opportunities.


Fully harnessing the promise of AI requires a fundamentally new way of working and new roles and skills within organizations. Our GAIn Academy team guides our clients in this transformation by building the relevant AI skill-sets in all levels of the organization.


Find out what MIcompany has to offer—and become a leader at the forefront of the GAIn Academy!

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Events calendar

Do you want to get to know MIcompany even better and speak to us in person? Attend one of the Friday drinks we organize ourself or one of the events on which we will be present. In this events calendar your will find all information about the upcoming events and a register form for one of our own Friday drinks.

Growth path for women

We MIcompany women love puzzling with data and solving complicated analytics issues. Together with our team, we go for results and we’re able to get organisations in motion. We are proud of what we do, but we can’t do this alone! Therefore we are looking for more powerful quantitative women, who love to nerd just like us. Do you want to grow at MIcompany through training, coaching and great assignments? Respond to our vacancies!