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Data & AI Engineer

Our Data Engineers are specialized in de-signing analytical databases. As an AI company, we take data seriously. You will work together with other specialists to build seamless, secure, and high throughput data pipelines and databases to power our AI solutions.


  • As a Data Engineer, you will work with technologies such as Redshift, SQL Server data warehouse, Python, and HCL (Terraform).
  • You’re using these techniques to create new database architectures and build the ETL process.
  • …and more!
Cloud Engineer

The cloud engineering team plays a key role in building best-in-class cloud platforms to make digital data and AI transformations happen. They design, build, and scale the cloud plat-forms that enable digital transformations to succeed. The cloud team drives the architec-tural decisions and builds fundamental cloud components that are the basis for the digital products of industry leaders.


  • In one project you would, together with the team, be architecting and building the Cloud Platform for a global industry leader.
  • On another project you will work together with a machine learning specialist to spin up the infrastructure required to drive value from AI solutions, using Infrastructure as Code within Terraform.
  • Next, you could be writing Python code to (further) automate processes within an event-based system, which is completely serverless.
  • …and more!
Software Engineer

MIcompany helps its clients achieve real sustainable breakthroughs in the application of AI in their business processes. Therefore, we develop end-to-end AI applications to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.


  • You will be working together with other specialists to build world-class web AI applications for our clients.
  • Learn and apply full stack software development skills, including frontend/UI, backend business logic, data management and cloud deployment.
  • As a full stack engineer, you will boost your and your teammates’ productivity through developing highly automated internal tools and standard components.
  • …and more!


“Hi, I’m Rutger and started at MIcompany in 2017. I immediately got the chance to work on a variety of cutting edge AI solutions for our clients, this gave me direct access to the latest insights, expertise, and techniques. It helped me grow my AI skills from day one.

At MIcompany you learn to expose AI models through client-specific APIs and engineer mission-critical applications that transform clients such as, and LeasePlan. We do this using various (cloud) technologies.
While working at the forefront of the AI revolution, You get taught by the best professionals. Which boosts your knowledge and international AI network.

I didn’t have a typical data study background. But driven by my curiosity I learned how to engineer AI solutions. And I loved it! So what about you? Would you like to explore this fast-growing field of possibilities? And create real impact?”