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MIacademy is the training school of MIcompany and provides training solutions around AI and data capabilities since 2006 for blue-chip companies including eBay, Nike,, Lease Plan, Israel Discount Bank, and Max.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world at speed – challenging leaders and experts to take action and respond. However, we’re still in a transitional phase. Hence a thorough and shared foundation will act as a guide to leverage AI effectively and responsibly in this phase. Building this knowledge foundation is therefore a logical first step for any business or individual aiming to grow with AI.  Are you ready to take control of AI and embark on a path of responsible AI growth?


Secure your spot today for our 2-day AI Foundation course. Now we also offer the option to attend the course remotely, through our live Virtual Classroom. 

Introducing the GAIn® Virtual Classroom

We now offer our GAIn® training courses also through a Virtual Classroom, so you can keep up with your AI learning from any location. This means our courses are made available globally, and all you need is a laptop with WIFI connection to join a class. We are continuously working to create the best possible remote learning experience for you and ensure that our Virtual Classroom offers the same level of quality as our onsite courses. If the COVID-19 outbreak causes you or your company’s employees to work remotely, a virtual training is the perfect opportunity to make effective use of everyone’s time.


Discover our leadership program for ambitious female leaders who want to build and solidify their AI knowledge and leadership skills in order to add value to the business.

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our lives and organizations is getting bigger and bigger. As organization or female leader of the future you can choose to ignore this trend, or you can embrace it and use it to your advantage. Over the past three years MIcompany has invested in strengthening its female employee group through a distinct AI leadership program. This internal program has met and exceeded expectations, resulting in a growth acceleration of the female leaders within MIcompany.


The first part of the program is taking place on May 11-14 & 2020 & June 23-24, 2020 in Amsterdam. Now we also offer the option to join the program remotely, through our live Virtual Classroom. 

Open Course Calendar

As of 2020, MIacademy will offer a large part of its training portfolio in an Open Course Schedule format. Courses will be given at our locations in the center of Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, or through a Virtual Classroom. Individuals and smaller groups can now easily enroll in the course of their choice through our website.


Open Course Calendar


Our services

The ways AI can be used to augment decision making keeps expanding. New applications will create fundamental and sometimes difficult changes in workflows, roles, and culture. The shortage of talented AI professionals with the right skillset is one of the biggest barriers to AI adoption. MIacademy assists professionals, companies, and institutions worldwide to develop the required AI skillset to drive lasting breakthroughs using AI. We offer training on all aspects of AI for all levels within the organization.

We do this by offering a comprehensive training and certification portfolio, expert trainers, and a flexible modular approach to assist and enable companies in implementing local and global training programs.

We have extensive experience in running large scale training programs and work with many blue-chip companies including eBay, Nike,, Lease Plan, Israel Discount Bank, and Max.


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MIacademy Portfolio

MIacademy offers a comprehensive modular training and certification portfolio ranging from a common AI Foundations course to specialized programs for AI Engineers, AI Data Scientists and AI Business Professionals on practitioners, expert and master level.

Our offering is built around the Global Artificial Intelligence Network (GAIn®) portfolio. We formed the Global Artificial Intelligence Network (GAIn®)  to fulfill the increasing demand for a scalable, standardized, multidisciplinary, modular and global training solution for AI skill building of companies like eBay, Nike, Heineken and Ageas

The GAIn® portfolio is driven by both data science, technology, and models and is aimed to build and certify all the skills within organizations required to radically change key processes with AI. The portfolio consists of 60 individual course modules and certificates, 10 programs and is totaling 114 training day.


The GAIn® Portfolio

Meet the AI and Data Talent Program

MIacademy in cooperation with ABN AMRO, AEGON, Goede Doelen Loterijen, Detail Result Group, Knab, LeasePlan, and KPN offers a unique program for starting analytical talents. If you meet the criteria, you will be offered a job at MIcompany or one of the participating organizations combined with a seat in our high-value AI and Data Talent training program, two 3-month (inter)national analytical exchange projects and personal coaching by top professionals in the field.

We are always looking for analytical talent! Find out what we have to offer if you are interested to build a career in data analytics.

AI quick scan

Test how your company is performing on developing and implementing AI solutions and platform capabilities:


1.My organisation communicates a clear end-state vision on how AI can transform our business
2.AI initiatives are aligned with the strategic goals of my organisation
3.My organisation has a roadmap that focuses data analytics efforts on large scale business opportunities
4.My organisation succesfully builds high potential proof of concepts with AI
5.AI use cases are developed end-to-end from data to algorithm to an application, such that users can interact with the algorithm
6.AI use cases are automated and operationalized in a production environment
7.AI use cases are fully adopted by the business, without unintended retreat to own judgement
8.AI use cases change the business process fundamentally if adopted
9.AI use case MVP's are continuously being improved, leaving MVP state
10.My organisation succesfully scales impact of AI use cases
11.There is an infrastructure in place for users to approach (a selection of) data
12.There is a possibility to develop models, for example in sandbox like environments
13.Algorithms are operationalized and automatically predict on new data
14.Your organisation has deployed one ore more experiments with modern, for example cloud-based, infrastructure
15.AI platform standards are set and managed
16.Clarity exists on target infrastructure for new solutions
17.Existence of legacy is accepted as a given, but migrations and dependencies are managed with a impact driven mindset
18.AI solutions are in production on scalable modern infrastructure
19.There are standardized operational processes to develop, deploy and maintain models (model management) in modern infrastructure.
20.Users enjoy flexibility to access any data and use it to build solutions with diverse requirements, while still maintaining certain standards managed centrally