We believe that our people are our biggest asset

Everyone has unique talents, and we offer an exclusive way to develop yourself and to become an all-round professional in the field of AI.

Young talent needs exploration through trial and error and experience guidance to find out who they are. Static career paths in a silo don’t work; the opposite is true. You need to work in teams across different functions and expertise areas to understand where your passion and talent predominantly centers at. The future will surprise you!

MIcompany is fully committed to give its talent the experience, trials, and guidance to find their own career path. We only ask one mindset: the real learning starts here!

What our team members are saying
Marlou Beringer
Project Leader Transformation

“Because of my background in Econometrics, it would have been an obvious choice to start my career at MIcompany in our Data Science team. However, at the beginning of my career I wanted to develop myself in the field of Data & AI Technology. I truly believe that in this rapidly changing workfield, Data Scientists are most valuable when they have a certain level of tech knowledge. In my first years at MIcompany, I have been given the opportunity to work on several Engineering projects to broaden my experience.

Throughout the years I experienced many different types of projects, and this made me realize that my real passion lies in AI Transformation projects. In these projects, I still often benefit from my obtained tech knowledge. Now I am a Project Leader Data Science with a tech edge, which makes my job a lot more fun!”

Simon Koolstra
Project Leader Advanced Analytics

“When I graduated university with degrees in Physics and Mathematics, I was thrilled to leave the books behind and learn how to use AI to drive change in a professional organization. I spent my first two years at MIcompany in our Transformation team, identifying opportunities to achieve real impact with AI, creating ‘killer insights’ from data and building a handful of proof-of-concept algorithms and AI solutions.

Gradually, I discovered that the challenges that captivated me most, were those where the largest opportunities could only be captured with a sophisticated or ingenious algorithmic system. After two years, I switched to our Advanced Analytics team to focus on those type of projects. As a project leader in Advanced Analytics, I combine the top-down problem solving and opportunity finding skills I learned during my time in Transformation with my passion for designing the most effective algorithmic systems, aiming to achieve the best of both worlds in our projects.”

Belle de Veer
Senior Data & AI Engineer

“With my Econometrics degree in my back pocket, I was ready to bring the theoretical models to life in a business setting as a Data Scientist. I discovered during my side job as an exam trainer that I enjoyed giving training. That is why I decided to start my Data Scientist career in the GAIn team at MIcompany. The perfect combination of doing Data Science projects at a diverse set of clients and contributing to the AI education of these clients.

It did not take long before I discovered my passion for tech. During one of my first projects, I was responsible for getting the developed model into production (which means that the model will be part of a business process). This was technically challenging, asked for a lot of conceptual thinking (how are humans and machines going to use this model?), and required specific programming skills. I loved it! I changed course and continued to develop my AI Engineering skills in the tech team. Four years after graduating I am leading teams to develop Machine Learning platforms.”

Shape your career within our areas of expertise

Within our Data Science career track, we have two focus areas: Advanced Analytics and Transformation. Our Advanced Analytics team develops (new) models and is in the lead for innovating techniques that go beyond the typical Python library. Our Transformation team leads the AI transformation journey at our clients by defining a strategy and execution plans and leads the implementation and adoption of AI solutions.


Within our Data & AI Technology career track, three focus areas can be distinguished. Our Data & AI Engineers are specialized in designing analytical databases, building automated data pipelines and operationalizing AI models. The Cloud Engineering team plays a key role in building best-in-class cloud platforms. Our Software Engineers develop end-to-end AI applications to enable effective communication between models and business users.


Our GAIn Academy team guides our clients by building the relevant AI skill-sets in all levels of the organization. Our Program Managers focus on building training programs that suit the needs of our clients, and guide the training groups in their learning journey. Our Trainers deliver excellent trainings to diverse populations, helping clients and participants to become more impactful with Data & AI in their day-to-day jobs.