AI platform capabilities are well developed, and you have managed to set important steps on AI solutions too. What’s next?



Your organisation has some success cases with data and AI. Some AI solutions are built end to end with data, algorithm and application integrated. They have some level of automation in scoring the algorithm and updating the data and application. However, operationalization of AI use cases is not performed best practice yet and many PoCs have not been operationalized at all. Enthusiasm in the business for AI is growing as first impact is proven and some applications/dashboards are being used regularly. However, the AI solutions are not fully embedded and hardly challenge the status quo in the ways of working in those business processes.


A coherent platform of uniform AI capabilities exists. Users enjoy the flexibility to build solutions, while standards are maintained and managed centrally. Usually, dependencies from legacy infrastructure force your organisation to take technical debt in building the new platform or keep you from exploiting all opportunities.