AI opportunities are well developed, and you have managed to set important steps on AI platform capabilities too. What’s next?



Your organisations runs algorithms in fully automated pipelines, batchwise or even real time. Data flows are automated and model predictions feed front-end applications or dashboards to aid human decision making. These operationalized solutions are often embedded in key processes to augment or fully automate decisions. However, it is still a challenge to continuously scale and optimize existing use cases towards their full potential and set priorities for the ever growing backlogs.


Next to existing legacy infrastructure, modern infrastructure and architecture has been set-up, mostly cloud based. First AI solutions have been operationalized on the platform or will be soon. However, many more AI solutions are not operationalized yet in this new way. Besides that, the AI specific capabilities on the platform are in early stage of development and no standard way of working for users to work on it has been implemented yet. In short: a good starting position to balance effort between further development of intrastructure/standards, and the operationalization of new AI solutions.