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Hours 40
Employment type fulltime
Education Master Degree
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Job description

With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate, AI is one of the hottest fields of this century. One of the fastest growing data sources in the world are DNA data and medical imaging data. In MIcompany’s Science Traineeship you get the opportunity to jump-start your career by performing cutting-edge medical research on these new data types and building impactful AI applications.

A master thesis and graduation project can be the crown on your academic studies. In our experience, they too often fall short of this expectation, because they usually do not create real impact, prepare insufficiently for your first job, and lack societal relevance.

Our Science Traineeship is meant for ambitious and high-potential master students who want to do things differently. With this traineeship you can launch your career in the AI field, by performing purposeful research within MIcompany’s DNA collaboration with the UMCG and simultaneously working on transformative AI projects. Within the single program, you pursue 3 personal and career milestones:

  • Finish a master thesis where you apply your study knowledge in the medical field

  • Publish an academic article in a top-ranked journal of your own research

  • Gain invaluable cross-industry business experience on Artificial Intelligence

Two years ago MIcompany started collaborating with top researchers from the UMCG, with the common goal to employ the power of AI to better understand complex diseases like asthma and COPD and advance medical science. Since the start, we have already worked on 7 research streams and the number of people involved – from both the MIcompany and UMCG side – has increased from 5 to 15. Will you be the next to join this unique team?

The science traineeship is the perfect springboard to launch your career, as it offers 5 unique opportunities:

    We aim to create purposeful breakthroughs and the medical sciences are the perfect place to realize this ambition. The medical sciences have an immense impact on people’s lives and belong to the most impactful academic fields. With your research and master thesis, you get the opportunity to employ your analytical skills to contribute to society in a unique way and pursue a better understanding of complex and prevalent diseases, such as asthma or COPD.

    At MIcompany we drive AI transformations at industry leading companies, across markets and across borders. While doing academic research, you will contribute to these AI solutions as part of a project team, where you play a big role in the implementation of the newest modeling techniques and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.

    You don’t go solo into this adventure. You join our cross-company team, with both MIcompany employees and UMCG researchers. The UMCG team has hundreds of publications in top journals. Support is plentiful: from within MIcompany, a coach and thesis supervisor will offer personal guidance, UMCG provides biological expertise, while we also collaborate with international researchers for their expert knowledge on topics like image recognition, causal inference and Bayesian networks.

    In our MIacademy program you learn about the newest AI techniques and how to implement them in practice. With regular trainings, you build expertise in the fast-moving field of AI. Our education is certified by GAIn (Global Artificial Intelligence network).

    When you work with one-of-a-kind DNA data, with millions of variables per individual across multiple layers of the human genetic architecture; images of lungs with ultra-high resolution; or gene expression data from individual human cells, you face new and daunting modeling challenges. Do you have what it takes to tackle them?

Overview of what the science traineeship looks like

In this 12-18 month fulltime program, you combine academic research (3 days per week) with AI business projects (2 days per week). Hereby, you are challenged to broadly develop yourself while working towards concrete milestones: a master thesis, an academic article and transformative projects.

As a Science Trainee, you can expect a dynamic working environment, literally and figuratively. When working on one of MIcompany’s AI project, the whole project team generally works at the client’s office. For your research with the UMCG, you are expected to travel up north on a regular basis – e.g. once per month – to meet face-to-face with the team and crack the hard problems together. On your other research days, you can work from our own office in Amsterdam. On Fridays, most MIcompany colleagues are from the Amsterdam office, too, to catch up, have team meetings and kick off the weekend with Friday afternoon drinks.

With today’s corona crisis, however, most of us work from home and many meetings have become virtual. Still, we believe that our work becomes better and more fun if we work together as a team. To this end, we have daily check-ins and a wide-variety of virtual team activities.

Future prospects

After completion of the traineeship, you will be first-in-line for a fulltime position at MIcompany as either Data Scientist or Data Engineer. Until June ’22, Science trainees will be our first choice for new available positions.


Who are we looking for?

We look for top-talent beta students with a personal drive to create impact with AI and with a strong affinity for science:

  • Study background - Currently pursuing a Master degree in Econometrics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence or another quantitative field. A medical background is not required.
  • Analytical excellence - Top-class academic performance, honor program and other extracurricular activities are a strong pre
  • Character traits - Highly ambitious and impact-driven. Curious, pragmatic and persuasive.
  • Personal drive - Strong focus on personal development, eager to learn and eager to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team. Motivated to excel in both business and academic world.
  • Prerequisite skills - Excellent command of analytical programming language (like Python, R); fluent in English; experience with bioinformatics software is not expected.

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